WCBD Presents: Cannabis and Women’s Health

Whether it’s feeling depressed in the days leading up to your period, experiencing painful cramps during menstruation or lying in bed awake due to hot flashes—debilitating pain, mood swings and insomnia are symptoms that women of all ages experience due to our complex hormonal system. When we think of women’s health and cannabis, we often think of these symptoms and their associated conditions: premenstrual syndrome (PMS), dysmenorrhea and menopause. Fortunately, cannabis—with its varied therapeutic properties—can offer many avenues of relief.

Research has shown that Marijuana is also known to ease the symptoms that many women experience during menopause such as insomnia, mood swings and decreased sex drive; it may also play a role in the treatment of diseases that menopausal women are more susceptible to such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

The good news is that Cannabis can be used as a substitute for many of the pharmaceuticals manufactured to treat conditions like PMS, Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) and/or  menopause symptoms.

solful-logo-smJoin us for an evening on Women’s Health and Cannabis on Tuesday, July 24th at Solful in Sebastopol. We’ll hear from Dr. Courtney King, MD, a board certified in both Family Medicine, and in Integrative Medicine. She is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, a Medical Acupuncturist, and is also trained in Ayurvedic Medicine. As an advocate for science-based natural and holistic treatments, she finds and addresses the root cause of dis-ease for the whole family.

dr king

Courtney started Golden Road Integrative and Functional Medicine in Santa Rosa, to create more meaningful patient relationships, and to help people heal their roots, elevate their minds, and enjoy their lives!

Dr. King will address how and why cannabis is suited perfectly for women, offering a host of treatments for women’s health issues, including relief from cramps, body pain, migraines, endometriosis and other specific feminine conditions. She will also covers the cannabinoids and terpenes that are best for women, proper dosing strategies and specific female-friendly cannabis products.

This event is open to women 21+ years of age and older! Seating is limited, so please register ahead of time to secure your seat!


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About Solful:

Solful is one of Sebastopol’s newest and best dispensaries. Since opening in November of 2017, they have been dedicated to building connections between customers and the people who make the products on their shelves, what they call “Muddy-Shoe Sourcing.” Their CEO and Co-Founder, Eli Melrod, said they designed the space so they can host events for the community and Women’s CBD is pleased to be able to co-host a new series of events focused on Health & Cannabis.

“We believe that cannabis can help people lead healthier, richer lives,” Melrod says. “We’re committed to making a positive difference in it. And truth be told, this makes our work about five times more fun than it should be. There’s nothing more interesting and affirming than getting to know our neighbors on a deeper level as we look for ways to cultivate health and happiness in the lives we touch.”

Co-sponsored by Solful and Women’s Cannabis Business Development.