WCBD Annual Report 2017

2017 Summary

It’s been an exciting first year for Women’s CBD. We came together every month and we served upwards of 200 members of our community via our educational events and workshops held all over the County from Guerneville to Healdsburg and Santa Rosa to Cotati.

We collected over $400 in Raffle donations that went directly to groups like Cal NORML and Planned Parenthood. We even helped to support women-owned businesses directly affected by the horrible wildfires in Sonoma County.

Many topics were addressed by notable speakers including Chair of Sonoma County Growers Alliance- Tawnie Logan, Sonoma County Ag Commissioner –Tony Linegar, Cannabis Attorney-Lauren Mendelsohn, Former Sonoma County Supervisor- Efren Carrillo, Valerie Corral, co-founder and Director of Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM), Rogaway Law Firm, 421 Group and more.

We ended the year with a silent disco party at Whiskey Tip in Santa Rosa with the help of CannaAlign and DJ Tecni and special guest speaker Martin Lee, Co-founder of Project CBD.

Though it’s not easy to sum up an entire year in one sentence, I’d say it was a blast! I so enjoyed serving all of you by providing fun, informative events and I was inspired to do more.

The Extended View

In the digital space, we’ve seen some rapid growth on our Facebook group and are fast approaching 1000 members! On the other hand, our organization needs more paying members so that we can continue to offer valuable educational events and more content to our online communities.

I’ve been busy getting connected… speaking with potential speakers, businesses as well as potential volunteers. All these efforts in order to make 2018 another fantastic year for Women’s CBD!

We plan to do a series of smaller workshops at Solful in Sebastopol and elsewhere, ranging from Women’s Health & Senior Health, to Cooking with Cannabis, and a few intro to Cannabis events like Healthy Vaping and Benefits of CBDs.

Feedback & Direction

Our online survey turned up some interesting data:

  • Our group is comprised of women (and men) across a surprisingly wide variety of the cannabis industry from small business entrepreneurs, manufacturing, farming, distribution and delivery, sales and marketing, service providers and ancillary companies to finance and nursery operator. Even Art and Cannabis.
  • Over 65% of respondents say they are a B2B business and over 30% have been in business for over 2 years with some 20% over 6 years. Then there’s another 30% who are thinking about getting started or just getting started and they really need our help!
  • When asked about rating their knowledge of the industry, an overwhelming 70% said that they knew some but “would like to know more!”
  • Of course, I asked what they were looking forward to in 2018 and more than 75% answered “Increasing customer retention/growth”, while almost as many said “educating”, “growing my community”, “marketing my product” and getting licensed or permitted. I also asked them to get specific about what we could offer and here’s where it gets interesting…
  • Professional Networking garnered the most responses (75%), followed by Business Development (62.5%), Policy + Education (56.2%), Social Media to Fuel Your Business (50%), and a tie between Canna Healthcare and Cannabis 101 (37,5%). Other topics of interest included Canna-cusine, Understanding the law, and Elevated Art.
  • Demographically, our group is pretty much what we expected: Comprised mostly of women (93%), with men coming in at around 7%. Most (46.6%) are between 50-59 years old, with just a few Millennials (14%), and around rest falling between ages 30 to 49. They are primarily white (71%), with Black or Afro-american second (15%) and Native American (7%).
  • One thing that I loved about the results is that we’ve attracted so many women from around the country. While 50% of our online group live right here in California, the rest reside elsewhere.

This year, I really want us to put some attention on how we can serve all of our community, including those around the country – with more content on our website and virtual guest speakers, via our social media outlets.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about partnering with groups such as the Sonoma County Growers Alliance (SCGA) and growers/farmers in general. I’ve discovered that my passion lies with promoting and encouraging sustainable ag and I intend to work hard to form a core group of farmers that want are aligned either by growing biodynamically or using permaculture as a fundamental basis for their farming and all who want to preserve the small farmer culture in our region. I believe that this is ultimately the main thing that will differentiate us in what is fast becoming “Big-Canna!”

It may be the key to our survival in the Industry here in California. And, it’s what has become the key to marketing everything from veggies to wine.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who helped out this year! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Now you know more about what I’m up to. Let me know what you’ve got on your horizon and if you want to engage, please let me know. I can’t wait!

With Gratitude,

Nancy Birnbaum, Executive Director @Women’s Cannabis Business Development

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